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Licensed Real Estate Broker In Oregon

Military Veteran

Thank You for visiting my website!  I am in this business for the people.  Buying and Selling a home can be, but does not have to be, a stressful process.  I enjoy working with folks in making this process as stress free as possible.  I am not a high pressure Real Estate Broker.  I will work with you in Selling or Buying your dream home!  I am a military veteran with almost 29 years of service to our great country!  
" I visited other brokers and listed it with Windermere in Dallas, OR. who did nothing to help us. We were released from our contract with them and looked at other brokers but none interested me. I knew where Berkshire was so visited them and am I glad I did. I ask when I went in if there was anyone here that sold houses, just kidding, and Jerry was available. I am really glad he was. He is the nicest person and casual just the way I like it. I don't care for those who are dressed perfect and try to act like they know what they're doing like the other brokers I visited. I knew after visiting him that I came to the right place. He listed it on a Tuesday morning and that afternoon we had a full price offer from California. Can't get better than that. Jerry was so professional and he obviously knew what he was doing and I really liked the Berkshire marketing program. So much better than other companies. I have recommended Jerry to several other people that will sell in the future. Jerry Glesmann did a great job. Anyone would enjoy working with him."
Tom Brink, Dallas, OR.